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Oblivion Knights (a.k.a. Undead Horrors) are undead soldiers used by the Burning Hells. Oblivion Knights can be divided into fighters and mages: The souls. Knights fight for personal glory and honor, usually in service to a lord. They are equally skilled in all three melee combat styles and are capable of. Oblivion Knights are the members of the Chamber of Oblivion, a martial elite sub-sect of the Silent Sisterhood. Recruits are selected both. Oblivion Knight · Doom Knights are foot soldiers, but even they can hit for a wide variety of spectral damage. · Abyss Knights have melee spectral. Oblivion:Knight of the Nine · The Knights of the Nine are generic replacements that appear if one of the named knights dies after the final quest. This category contains a list of Oblivion NPCs who are Knights. Pages in category "Oblivion-Knight". The following 43 pages are in this category. Oblivion Knight Information. Oblivion Knights are known to be one of the most dangerous enemies in the game for melee characters. If a pack of. Oblivion Knight (Undead) Doom Knight, Abyss Knight, Oblivion Knight. Undead Fighter The souls of the most ruthless and corrupt mortal warriors to die in the. Knights of the Nine is identical to the gameplay of Oblivion; the basic design, maneuvers, and interfaces remain unchanged. As such, it is a fantasy-based. Doom Knight Abyss Knight Oblivion Knight. Normal Nightmare Hell. Monster level: Experience: Cold Immune. Attack 1 Damage:

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