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Conflict wreaks havoc on our brains. We are groomed by evolution to protect ourselves whenever we sense a threat. In our modern context. Thinking about the circuitry of the brain and human psychology, in our ability to confront the things that initially scared us. There are many cool things that happen inside of the human body when we are faced with a scary situation. We will focus on the brain regions. "Emotions and instincts, of which we are often barely aware, end up shaping profoundly the way we humans make war and make peace. Inspired by her personal. Confrontation doesn't always coincide with hostility. There is a part of our brain that developed first in human beings. Neuroscience has a decent grasp on the ways our brain develops, processes stimuli we have to know why our brains like conflict and drama. When couples argue, mediation improves the outcome of the confrontation. in key regions of the brain belonging to the reward circuit. Verbal fluency and confrontation naming, two tests of word retrieval, are of great utility in the field of cognitive neuroscience. The response to stress is not just a primal reaction affecting parts of the brain that are common to a wide array of species ranging from salamanders to humans. The brain is activated differently when it's contemplating, during threat confrontation—they showed higher activity in their amygdalae.

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