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Like all highly social mammals elephants have a well-developed system of communication that makes use of all of their senses - hearing, smell, vision and. Researchers have found that elephants also appear to communicate by sensing seismic vibrations through the soft skin on the pads of their feet. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Communication " on Discogs. Visual or nonverbal communication is as important for elephants as it is for humans. They use their heads, eyes, mouth, ears, tusks, trunk, tail, feet and even. Elephants can communicate using very low frequency sounds, with pitches below the range of human hearing. These low-frequency sounds, termed ". The living elephants are divided into three species within two genera, the African savannah (Loxodonta africana) and forest elephant (L. cyclotis) and the Asian. Elephants use a variety of sounds, described as trumpets, roars, barks, snorts, growls, and rumbles, for communication at close range to. Request PDF | Elephant Communication | Elephants live in a complex society in which of the communication system of elephants (e.g., Langbauer ). A recent study³ by the Elephant Listening Project (ELP) sought to determine if forest elephants utilize a similar system. In this study ELP. Stanford University scientists have found evidence that elephants use their sensitive trunks and feet to detect, and even interpret, low-.

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