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Hence, Namaste is spoken differently in various cultures and languages. In. › asia › india › articles › everything-to-know-about-the-. Word-equivalents of Namaste in different culture area are given in alphabetic order: Pranaam - Sanskrit Vaanakam - Tamil Ahn - Young - Ha - Se - Yo: Korean. Namaste sometimes spoken as namaskar and namaskaram, is a Hindu customary, non-contact form It is also found in numerous ancient and medieval era sculpture and. Greetings · In many parts of India and during formal occasions, it is common for people to greet with the traditional Hindu greeting of “Namaste” ('I greet the. This situation is the essence of our culture of seeing the divine within all creation. Hence this gesture is offered equally in temples to deities. On the 5th compilation "Namaste - Cultures", released by Blue Flame Records, the Namaste clan once again presents a fusion of melodies bringing many colours. So, how did this word filter into so many different pieces of American culture? And why does it make so many South Asians feel icky? Different cultures say hello differently. Here are some unique ways for your understanding. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock). Coronavirus infection has shaken many things including beliefs in the age-old form of greeting we can find in any culture of the world.

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