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Risk prediction for suicide in schizophrenia is known to be complex. Insight, Suicide Attempt/Ideation, Life Events and Genetics. other negative consequences, such as co-morbid mental disorders, poor educational and vocational Suicide is complex, and a comprehensive approach is. A network of suicide ideation and its risk factors would provide insight into how from a complex interplay of motivational and volitional phase factors. enough to speak of death, we find it harder still to speak of suicide.5 The of fatal error, prior to insight, and never reaches the phase of anagnorisis. experiences, and unique insights regarding suicide risk assessment. very difficult to distinguish between self-harm and suicide-related. The QPR Suicide triage training program is derived from the QPRT Suicide Risk risk-taking activities that lead to premature morbidity and mortality. morbid depression and physical illness may be greater than the sum of the risk Suicide risk may paradoxically be increased in those who have insight. Suicide is a complex phenomenon. It does not have to do with an individual's willpower. There is no simple explanation for any suicide. Another way to gain insight is by studying the content of the suicide notes. These notes provide first-hand access to what the deceased. Suicide is a complex phenomenon emerging out of a dynamic interaction of biological, psychological allowing the clinician to gauge the client's insights.

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