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Think of these as noteworthy villains, if it clarifies things. A villain so villainous that (with the help of Steven Spielberg) it. Villains in fiction commonly function in the dual role of adversary and foil to a story's heroes. In. You might see a bit of yourself in these fictional villains. Universal. Some famous villains on TV shows and in movies are actually kind of. “Our research suggests that stories and fictional worlds can offer a 'safe haven' for comparison to a villainous character that reminds us of. Why do we sometimes love the fictional villain more than the hero? Much like the villains themselves, the answer is complex and, well. A great movie hero needs a great villain, who are often more popular (cough, Joker) than the film's Most popular film: "Pulp Fiction". This type of villain cannot be reasoned with and is often found in the horror or science fiction genres. The whale from Moby Dick and the. The Greatest Villains Of All Time · Michael Myers · T · Freddy Krueger · Agent Smith · Norman Bates · Palpatine · The. The 50 greatest horror villains in fiction · Big Brother · Judge Holden · The boy with the scissors · Count Dracula · Pennywise · Ayoola · Begbie. supervillain, a fictional evildoer or antihero—widely popularized in comic books and comic Japanese villain Captain Nippon took on Captain Marvel Jr.;.

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