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Ovid's Withering chronology · The Cloud Gatherer () · Scryers of the Ibis () · Scryers of the Ibits (). "What have I done? Deserting my beloved son A vital accord." Approaching his haven enveloped in places the offering before him. The Cloud Gatherer. OVID'S WITHERING lyrics - "Scryers Of The Ibis" () album, including "Panikon Deima", "The Reckoning. The Cloud Gatherer turned in disgust. Ovid's Withering has one EP out entitled "The Cloud Gatherer", is the new material going to be a full length album? The Cloud Gatherer [EP] | 4 votes |. Panikon Deima Oedipus Complex The Omen Of Lycaon The Purge. Good newz boys and those of you who were inquiring, our Diablo II HC Mode Shirts have again been fully restocked!. Ovid's takes the concept of orchestral metal and blows it out into full-fledged compositions, instead of just throwing some strings in the. Really proud of him for this album, it's definitely living up to all the hype Cloud Gatherer built. This is deathcore at heart but why these. Ovid's Withering | The Cloud Gatherer. Dysphoria | To The Perfect Form of Modern Species. Fallujah | Nomadic. Wrath of Vesuvius | Revelation. here's their EP: And OP, when did these guys get signed? or have they been since before that EP.

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