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analysing and presenting the experimental results appropriately. OBJECTIVE. To determine the traffic noise level at L APPARATUS. Sound level meter. vehicles and for HGV, the road gradient. For each vehicle category, the sound emission power per. Traffic noise modelling and measurement: Inter-laboratory. PDF | Tyre/road noise is one of the major environmental problems related to road traffic. There are several measuring methods of tyre/road. To evaluate the subjective estimation of noise-induced discomfort and its correlation to psychoacoustic and physiological parameters under laboratory conditions. A Laboratory Study of Subjective Evaluations of Environmental Noise. PLoS ONE 11(3): e SLEEP DISTURBANCES FROM NOISE. LABORATORY EXPERIMENT ON ROAD TRAFFIC AND VENTILATION NOISE. E. Öhrström and A. Skånberg. Göteborg University, Sweden. measuring methods of tyre/road noise that may be carried out on the road (for example Coast-down and Close. Proximity Method) or in the laboratory (Drum. Pads that simulate road surfaces are mounted on rollers to reproduce conditions of actual roads more faithfully. Anti-noise measures are provided with bearings. Keywords: Road traffic noise; Psychoacoustic and physiological parameters; Laboratory attempt conditions; Subjective estimation;. Personal ranking scale. From the laboratory to the road, the use of technology as well as further study by engineers is helping to lessen noise, judder, and vibration in cars.

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